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The Outsid3r is a global visual platform to educate people about the wide range of art  that exists in the past and present. not just icons or famous figures but the everyday artists who contributes to culture.
We are a creative duo who love art. We want to bring the art we love directly to everyone and with the new post-covid world we have created a space where everyone can have access to art. Art is out there...
=k and julie


The Outsid3r is a platform that consists of Artists across the world who are not published through conventional channels. We offer artists an opportunity for exposure outside the confines of traditional Gallery and Museum walls. Artists have free access to this platform and in turn they are published to viewers on our site.


 Take away the elitist spirit and see a good spectrum of art.  

A place where everyone who loves art can have a platform to view art globally. Sharing the knowledge.

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