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Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 15-22-29 Dr Attukwei Clottey ( attukwei_ducttape_paintings) • Ins
Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 15-19-29 Dr Attukwei Clottey ( attukwei_ducttape_paintings) • Ins




Serge Attukwei Clottey (born 1985) is a Ghanaian artist who works across installation, performance, photography and sculpture. He is the creator of Afrogallonism, an artistic concept, which he describes as 'an artistic concept to explore the relationship between the prevalence of the yellow oil gallons in regards to consumption and necessity in the life of the modern African. As the founder of Ghana's GoLokal, Clottey tries to transform society through art.

He is based at Labadi, a suburb of Accra.

Clottey was born in Accra in 1985[5] and started exhibiting his works around 2003.[6] He was educated at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design in Accra. He then moved to Brazil where he attended Guignard University of Art of Minas Gerais.In 2019 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Art from the University of Brighton.

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